Sep 2023
One paper on Graph Anomaly Detection has been accepted by ICDM 2023! The code will be released soon!

August 2023
Four paper on Graph Clustering, Life Service Recommendation, Click-Through Rate Prediction, Debiased Recommendation have been accepted by CIKM 2023! The code will be released soon!

Jan 2023
Our paper on adaptive temperature has been accepted by WWW 2023! The code will be released soon!

Sheng Zhou 

Associate professor

Eagle Lab
School of Software Technology
Zhejiang University

Zheda Road, Hangzhou, China

Email: zhousheng_zju AT

I am an associate professor at School of Software Technology, Zhejiang University (ZJU). My research interest includes network data mining, graph machine learning and AI for accessibility.

Selected Publications (Full List)

A Comprehensive Survey on Deep Clustering: Taxonomy, Challenges, and Future Directions
Sheng Zhou, Hongjia Xu, Zhuonan Zheng, Jiawei Chen, Zhao li, Jiajun Bu, Jia Wu, Xin Wang, Wenwu Zhu, Martin Ester
Arxiv 2022

Reinforcement Neighborhood Selection for Unsupervised Graph Anomaly Detection
Yuanchen Bei, Sheng Zhou*, Qiaoyu Tan, Hao Xu, Hao Chen, Zhao Li, and Jiajun Bu
ICDM 2023

Homophily-enhanced Structure Learning for Graph Clustering
Ming Gu, Gaoming Yang, Sheng Zhou*, Ning Ma, Jiawei Chen, Qiaoyu Tan, Meihan Liu, Jiajun Bu
CIKM 2023


Non-Recursive Cluster-Scale Graph Interacted Model for Click-Through Rate Prediction
Yuanchen Bei, Hao Chen, Shengyuan Chen, Xiao Huang, Sheng Zhou* and Feiran Huang
CIKM 2023


DPGN: Denoising Periodic Graph Network for Life Service Recommendation
Hao Xu, Huixuan Chi, Danyang Liu, Sheng Zhou, Mengdi Zhang
CIKM 2023


CDR: Conservative Doubly Robust Learning for Debiased Recommendation
Zijie Song, Jiawei Chen, Sheng Zhou, Qihao Shi, Yan Feng, Chun Chen, Can Wang
CIKM 2023


Adap-tau: Adaptively Modulating Embedding Magnitude for Recommendation
Jiawei Chen, Junkang Wu, Jiancan Wu, Sheng Zhou, Xuezhi Cao, Xiangnan He
WWW 2023


Unbiased Knowledge Distillation for Recommendation
Gang Chen, Jiawei Chen, Fuli Feng, Sheng Zhou, Xiangnan He
WSDM 2023


Hilbert Distillation for Cross-Dimensionality Networks
Dian Qin, Haishuai Wang, Zhe Liu, Hongjia Xu, Sheng Zhou, Jiajun Bu
NeurIPS 2022


Learning Spatial-Preserved Skeleton Representation for Few-Shot Action Recognition
Ning Ma, Hongyi Zhang, Xuhui Li, Sheng Zhou*, Zhen Zhang, Jun Wen, Haifeng Li, Jingjun Gu, Jiajun Bu*
ECCV 2022


RMGN: A Regional Mask Guided Network for Parser-free Virtual Try-on
Chao Lin, Zhao Li, Sheng Zhou*, Shichang Hu, Jialun Zhang, Linhao Luo, Jiarun Zhang, Longtao Huang and Yuan He
IJCAI 2022   


Collaborative Knowledge Distillation for Heterogeneous Information Network Embedding
Can Wang, Sheng Zhou*, Kang Yu, Defang Chen, Bolang Li, Yan Feng and Chun Chen
WWW 2022   


Distilling Holistic Knowledge with Graph Neural Networks
Sheng Zhou, Yucheng Wang, Defang Chen, Jiawei Chen, Xin Wang, Can Wang, Jiajun Bu
ICCV 2021   


Direction-Aware User Recommendation Based on Asymmetric Network Embedding
Sheng Zhou, Xin Wang, Martin Ester, Bolang Li, Chen Ye, Zhen Zhang, Can Wang, Jiajun Bu
ACM Transactions on Information System (TOIS)   


DGE: Deep Generative Network Embedding Based on Commonality and Individuality
Sheng Zhou, Xin Wang, Jiajun Bu, Martin Ester, Pinggang Yu, Jiawei Chen, Qihao Shi, Can Wang
AAAI 2020   


Cross Multi-Type Objects Clustering in Attributed Heterogeneous Information Network
Sheng Zhou, Jiajun Bu, Zhen Zhang, Can Wang, Lingzhou Ma, Jianfeng Zhang
Journal of Knowledge-based System   

HAHE: Hierarchical Attentive Heterogeneous Information Network Embedding
Sheng Zhou, Jiajun Bu, Xin Wang, Jiawei Chen, Can Wang
Arxiv 2019   


Prre: Personalized relation ranking embedding for attributed networks
Sheng Zhou, Hongxia Yang, Xin Wang, Jiajun Bu, Martin Ester, Pinggang Yu, Jianwei Zhang, Can Wang
CIKM 2018  




ICDM Cup 2022
Risk Commodities Detection on Large-scale E-commerce Graphs,🏆 Winner🏆
CIKM Cup 2022
Federated Hetero-Task Learning, 🏆Winner🏆
KDD Cup 2022
Amazon Multiclass Product Classification Task, 3rd Place
Amazon Product Subtitle Identification Task, 3rd Place
WSDM Cup 2022
Cross-Market Recommendation Challenge, 3rd Place

Professional Services

PC Member of Conferences:
Program Committee Member of NeurIPS (2023)
Program Committee Member of ICLR (2023)
Program Committee Member of CVPR (2022,2023)
Program Committee Member of KDD (2022,2023)
Program Committee Member of ICCV (2023)
Program Committee Member of AAAI (2021,2022,2023)
Program Committee Member of LOG (2022,2023)
Program Committee Member of WSDM (2022)
Program Committee Member of ECMLPKDD (2022)
Program Committee Member of ECCV (2022)
Program Committee Member of SDM (2023)

Invited Reviewer of Journals:
Invited Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE)
Invited Reviewer for ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS)
Invited Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP)
Invited Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems (TNNLS)
Invited Reviewer for ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (TKDD)
Invited Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Big Data (TBD)
Invited Reviewer for Neurocomputing


Data Mining and Application(数据挖掘与应用)
[2021] [2022] [2023]

An Introduction to Graph Neural Network(图神经网络导论)
[2021] [2022]

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